National Day of Remembrance Testimonials

Hillary Franks
2014-09-22, 18:58
Where do I begin?!? My sweet precious loving mother, Jackie Bunnell, was murdered on October 13, 2013....just 11 months ago....yet it seems like yesterday! Her stepson Noah Bunnell shot her multiple times and then set her and her house on fire with h...
2014-09-22, 14:12
My name is Donnie Spears, and like almost each one of you, I, also, had a loved one taken from me by violent crime. My son, Steven Carlyle Spears, Jr., was murdered on December 10, 2004. So, I have in common with you the pain of tragic loss. While I ...
Miriam Shehane
2014-09-22, 13:57
Thirty-eight years ago, Edward’s life and my became a nightmare that no parent should ever have to endure – a call from Birmingham that our 21 year old daughter, Quenette, had left the Birmingham Southern campus to purchase a bottle of salad dres...

Mission Statement

ribbon_black_angel_smallAngel House advocates for victims’ rights and services for victims of violent crime, providing direct services to victims and their families, and providing public education and awareness.

Our staff members are available to assist the family and loved ones of a homicide victim. Advocates assist survivors in communicating with Police, Attorney's General office, and Governor's Office and provide emotional and physical support throughout the course of your case. Advocates work closely with the staff in all phases of the Criminal Justice System. There are nearly 45,000 homicides annually in the United States. This effects between 150,000 and 200,000 relatives and other survivors. The trauma and grief experienced by survivors cause emotional scars that last a lifetime.

acvcc_treeWe assist with Death Notification, Media Coverage, Funeral Arrangements, Victim's Compensation, Trial Attendance, Insurance Claims, Crime Scene Clean-up.